Simulation Materials

Before running a study, you must define all the necessary material properties required by the corresponding analysis type. All material properties are defined through the Material dialog box. For example, the modulus of elasticity is required for static, frequency, and buckling studies, while thermal conductivity is needed for thermal studies.

Use the Material dialog box to create and edit custom materials or libraries, to apply materials from the SOLIDWORKS material library, or to establish material favorites.

In the Material dialog box, the properties are highlighted to indicate the mandatory and optional properties. A red description indicates the property is mandatory based on the active study type and the material model. A blue description indicates an optional property.

You can define material properties at any time before running the analysis. Defining materials in Simulation does not update the material assigned to the CAD model in SOLIDWORKS.
Applying a material to a body in Simulation displays the body in the study using the material's appearance.

The source for SOLIDWORKS material properties is Metals Handbook Desk Edition (2nd Edition), ASM International.