Mesh Quality Diagnostics PropertyManager

After creating a mesh, you can use the Mesh Quality Diagnostics PropertyManager to identify poor quality mesh elements based on a defined criterion.

To open the Mesh Quality Diagnostics PropertyManager

  • After creating a mesh, in the Simulation study tree, right-click Mesh, and select Mesh Quality Diagnostics.


Mesh element quality criterion Selects the parameter to measure the quality of mesh elements.
  • Jacobian ratio
  • Aspect ratio
  • Element volume
  • Element area (shell mesh only)
  • Skewness(shell mesh only)


Jacobian Points Specifies the number of integration points to use in verifying the distortion level of tetrahedral elements.

Select 4,16, or 29 points, or At Nodes. The default value is 16 Gaussian points.

Poor quality if greater than Defines the numerical threshold of the selected parameter that determines the quality of a mesh.

For example, if you select the Jacobian ratio as the quality parameter, and enter 10 here, SOLIDWORKS Simulation diagnoses the mesh elements with a Jacobian ratio greater than 10 as poor-quality elements.

A good-quality mesh has a Jacobian ratio between 1 and 10 and an Aspect ratio less than 5 for most of its elements (90% and above).

For most models, elements at regions of high curvatures have higher Aspect and Jacobian ratios. If the elements with the highest Aspect and Jacobian ratios (larger than 10) are away from critical areas for the analysis, it may not be worthwhile to refine the mesh in these areas. However, for areas that are critical for the simulation, you can refine the mesh locally to reduce the Aspect and Jacobian ratios for the poor quality elements and improve the simulation results.

Depending on the geometry of the model, subsequent levels of mesh refinement might not improve further the mesh quality and the simulation results. After each level of mesh refinement, confirm that the mesh quality plots for Aspect ratio and Jacobian ratio show fewer poor-quality elements. In addition, ensure that after each successful mesh refinement, the simulation results converge to finite values.

Advanced Options

Show plot only on selected bodies Shows the mesh quality plot only for the bodies you specify.
Select bodies for the plot From the FlyoutManager design tree, select the bodies to show their mesh quality plot.
Switch to Probe and Diagnose when poor quality elements are detected Select this option, to open the Probe and Diagnose PropertyManager when poor-quality elements are detected.


Include title text Type a custom title for the active plot.
Associate plot with name view orientation Associates a predefined view orientation with the active plot.