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Card Properties

Use the Card Properties pane to select the type of data card and specify type-related values such as whether the card is resizable by the user, and who has permission to view the card.

To display this pane, open a card in the Card Editor and click the edge of the card.

The options in the Card Properties pane depend on the card type you select.

To copy an existing card layout, you can open one card type, change the type in the list, and resave the card as the new type.

File Card

Files stored in a vault can have a file card connected to them to show information such as the file's custom properties.

See File Cards.

Card name

Enter a display name for the file card.

Card type

Select File Card.


Does not apply to File cards.

File extensions

List each file extension, separated by a semicolon, which should use the current card layout. Do not include periods.
If you add extensions to the current card which are assigned to another card, the extensions are reassigned to the current card when saved.

Folder Card

File and item folders in a vault can have a folder card connected to them where information about the folder is shown.

See Folder Cards.

Card name

Enter a display name for the folder card.

Card type

Select Folder Card.


Does not apply to Folder cards.

Template Card

Template cards can be used to retrieve information from the user when a template is launched to create new files or projects within a vault.

See Template Cards.

Card name

Enter a display name for the template card.

Card type

Select Template Card.


Does not apply to Template cards.

Search Card

Search cards give users with various ways to input criteria when searching for files and data stored in a vault.

See Search Cards.

Card name

Enter a display name for the search card.

Card type

Select Search Card.


When enabled, the card adjusts to the width of the Search dialog box if a user resizes the dialog box.

When disabled, the card remains a fixed size even if a user resizes the Search dialog box.

If you use the Glue Controls options on a control, if the control is glued to opposite sides (top/bottom or left/right) of the card, the control changes in size as the search card is resized.

See Glueing Data Card Controls.

Result type

Select whether the search card returns results showing:
  • Files and folders
  • Items and item folders
  • Users

Result column set

Select if the search result for this form should use a specific column set. See Adding a Column Set to a Search Card.

Select an existing search column in the list or select <New column set> to create a new result column.

Users who may use the form

Selected users can access the card.

Groups that may use the form

Users in the selected groups can access the card.

Default Values

Displays the Default Values dialog box, where you can specify preset values for variables used on the search card.

Some search variables, such as Find Folders are either on (1) or off (0).

When the search card is opened, the default values are set automatically.

Check boxes on search cards are always selected when opening the form in the Search tool. Use the default value 0 to have them clear by default.

To remove a default variable, select it and select Remove in the list.

The variable values you set as default do not have to be present on the actual search card. For example, you can set the Find folders search variable to 0 (off) without having a checkbox on the card.

Item Card

Items stored in a vault can have an item card connected to them to show item information.

See Item Cards.

Card name

Enter a display name for the item card.

Card type

Select Item Card.


Does not apply to Item cards.

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