Group Properties - State Permissions Tab

Use the State Permissions tab to assign state permissions for the members of the group. You can also use the workflow editor to assign these permissions.

To access this tab:

  1. Display a group's Properties dialog box, by expanding the Groups node and double-clicking the group or right-clicking Groups and selecting New Group.
  2. In the left pane, click State Permissions.
Workflow states All available workflow states are listed. Select a state to view the assigned permissions for the group members.
Default Workflow If you have multiple workflows set up, use this drop-down list to select a specific workflow.


For a file in the selected state, a user who is a member of the group can:

Add or rename file Add a file or change the file name.
Can overwrite latest version during check in Overwrite the latest version of the file in the selected folder when checking in.
Check out file Check out a file where its latest version is currently in this state.
Delete file Delete file versions.
A deleted file is placed in the SOLIDWORKS PDM recycle bin.
Destroy Purge deleted files from the Deleted Items tab in the folder properties.
The group members can bypass the SOLIDWORKS PDM recycle bin by pressing Shift while deleting the file.
Permit or deny group-level access to files Set group permissions on a selected file.
Read file contents See all file versions that have been created in or transitioned into this state.
Restore file from cold storage Recover files that have been archived in cold storage.
If the cold storage schema specifies files for deletion, the files cannot be restored.
Set Revision Manually set the revision number based on the revision number assigned to the state.
Share file to another folder (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) Share file versions that have been in the selected state.