Group Properties - Assigned Folder Permissions Tab

Use the Assigned Folder Permissions tab of the Folder Permissions page to view and assign folder permissions for group members. You can also use the Permissions per Folder tab for the same purpose.

To display this tab:

  1. Expand the Groups node and double-click the group or right-click Groups and click New Group.
  2. In the left pane, click Folder Permissions.
The permissions on the Assigned Folder Permissions tab are the same as those on the Permissions per Folder tab.
Path Lists the folders that are (explicitly) assigned access permissions for the group members.

Click a folder to see the assigned permissions.

You can select multiple folders at the same time to set explicit folder permissions. The status of check box in the Folder Permissions area changes as the folder permission assigned to selected folder changes.

Check box status Description
Permission is set to all selected folders.
Permission is set to one or more selected folders, but not all.
Permission is not set to any selected folder.

To add or remove folders, click Add or Remove.

Folder Permissions Assigns or removes folder permissions.

See Group Properties - Permissions per Folder Tab.

Add Displays the Add Rights Assignment dialog box, where you can select specific folders to explicitly assign rights.
Remove Removes the selected folder.