Group Properties - Group Members

Use the Group Members page to add existing SOLIDWORKS PDM users to this group. A user can belong to multiple groups.

Login User's login name
Full Name  
Member Members of the group.

Clearing this check box removes the user from the group.

This box is unchecked if the user was previously a member of the group and has been removed from the group from the user's Properties dialog box.

Folder The vault and folder the user's group membership applies to.

If the user has group membership for more than one folder in a vault, there is a line for each folder.

Update from Active Directory ( SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) When the archive server uses Windows login, this button lets you update the group to synchronize it with the Active Directory group of the same name.

This button is disabled when the archive server uses SOLIDWORKS PDM or LDAP login.

Add Displays the Add Group Members dialog box, where you can choose the users to belong to this group.
Remove Removes the selected user from the group.