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Simplification PropertyManager

Simplification reduces the number of vertices for mesh features, or reduces the number of points for point cloud features, resulting in a simpler, smaller file size. Simplification is often necessary when the point cloud size is very large, in which case the size should be simplified to efficiently form a mesh. If you experience a low-on-memory warning message, remove point cloud noise and simplify the model to improve performance.

You can simplify the entire mesh or only local regions.

Watch the model closely in the graphics area because you may eliminate tiny features if you simplify the data too much.

You cannot undo simplification once you click . If you need to revert to point cloud data, cancel and re-start the Mesh Prep Wizard.

Global Simplification

  • Reduction amount (%). Reduces the mesh or point cloud size by the percentage value you set.

  • Target mesh size or point cloud size. Reduces the mesh or point cloud size to the value you set.

  • Optimize mesh with thin thickness. (Available when the software detects the model could be a thin part.) Recognizes and optimizes preparation of a thin part, which typically means a thin-walled plastic part.

Local Simplification (Mesh Files Only)

Select a local area to simplify, then move the slider to adjust the simplification.

  • Box Selection

  • Lasso Selection

  • Polygon Selection

  • Brush Selection

  • Allow selection depth adjustment. Lets you set the selection depth of the mesh to smooth. The depth selection bounding box is based on your view into the model.

  • Invert selection. Use local simplification in conjunction with Invert selection to preserve specific areas of design intent while simplifying the rest of the model.

To simplify the file:

  1. Set a value for Reduction amount (%) or for Target mesh size or point cloud size.

The PropertyManager reports the Original and the Final Mesh Size or Point Cloud Size. The model updates dynamically.

  1. To simplify only a part of a mesh-based model, under Local Simplification, select a  tool, select the area to simplify, and move the slider to adjust the simplification.

  2. Click .

For point clouds, ScanTo3D constructs a mesh from the point cloud data.

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