Dimension PropertyManager

Allows you to dimension a drawing with smart or DimXpert dimensioning.

To open this PropertyManager:

Select one or more dimensions.

If you select multiple dimensions, only the properties that apply to all the selected dimensions are available.

Dimension Assist Tools

PM_smart_dimensioning.gif Smart dimensioning Lets you create dimensions with the Smart Dimension Tool_Smart_Dimensions_Relations.gif tool.
PM_dimxpert_rapid_dim_manip.gif Rapid dimensioning Lets you enable or disable the rapid dimension selector. Select to enable; clear to disable. This setting persists across sessions.
DimXpert Lets you apply dimensions to fully define manufacturing features (patterns, slots, pockets, fillets, etc.) and locating dimensions.



Pattern Scheme

Applies the selected dimensioning scheme to patterns.

PM_polar_dimensioning.gif Polar dimensioning Creates a scheme consisting of a callout and sometimes an angular locating dimension. The dimensions created are diametric, radii, and angular.
PM_linear_dimensioning.gif Linear dimensioning Creates linear dimensions for a pattern.
Instance counts for polar and linear dimensions are supported for patterns created in the SOLIDWORKS software only.

Dimensioning Scheme

Applies the selected dimensioning scheme, Baseline or Chain PM_chain_dimensioning.gif, to manufacturing features and locating dimensions.


By Vertex/hole center Measures the manufacturing features and the locating dimensions from the entity you select in the graphics area. The vertex can be a true vertex or the centerpoint of a circle.
By Selection Measures the manufacturing features and the locating dimensions from the X and Y edges you select by creating a virtual sharp. You can drag the origin to rotate it, or set a Rotation angle. If the X and Y edges intersect, you must use the By Vertex option.

Layer PM_Layer.gif

In drawings with named layers, select a layer.