Dimension Palette

The dimension palette appears when you insert or select a dimension so you can easily change the dimension's properties and formatting. You can change the tolerance, precision, style, text, and other formatting options in the palette without going to the PropertyManager.

If you select more than one dimension, the properties and formatting that you set in the palette apply to all of the dimensions.

To display the dimension palette:

Insert or select a dimension in a drawing.

When you insert or select one or more dimensions, the dimension palette rollover button appears to the upper right of the pointer. If you move the pointer over the button, the dimension palette appears. Click anywhere in the palette to pin it. The dimension palette disappears if you move the pointer beyond the graphics area or clear the dimension selection by another means, such as clicking in the graphics area. The dimension palette is a context toolbar that can be turned off.

Tolerance Type

Select from the list. Selections available depend on the type of dimension.

Depending on the tolerance type, the dimension palette displays down arrows in its display area that let you select a different maximum or minimum variation. You can use the arrows to change the maximum or minimum variation.

Unit Precision

Select the number of digits after the decimal point from the list for the dimension value.

Tolerance Precision

Select the number of digits after the decimal point for tolerance values.


Select any of the formatting settings that you applied to other dimensions in the drawing, which saves you time when formatting dimensions. To define styles, see Style.

Add Parenthesis  
Center Dimension

When you drag dimension text between the extension lines, the dimension text snaps between the center of the extension lines.

Inspection Dimension  
Offset Text  
Horizontal Justification  
Vertical Justification