Inserting Dimensions into Drawings

Dimensions in a SOLIDWORKS drawing are associated with the model, and changes in the model are reflected in the drawing.

Typically, you create dimensions as you create each part feature, then insert those dimensions into the various drawing views. Changing a dimension in the model updates the drawing, and changing an inserted dimension in a drawing changes the model.

By default, inserted dimensions are black. This includes dimensions that are blue in the part or assembly document (such as the extrusion depth). Reference dimensions are gray and appear with parentheses.

Dimensions are inserted only once for a part, even if the part shows in multiple instances in an assembly.

When you insert dimensions into all views, the dimensions appear in the most appropriate view. Features that appear in partial views, such as detail or section views, are dimensioned in those views first.

When you insert dimensions into selected views, you can insert the dimensions for the entire model, or you can selectively insert the dimensions for one or more components (in an assembly drawing) or features (in a part or assembly drawing).

Dimensions are placed only in the views where they are appropriate. You can choose whether duplicate dimension are inserted in Tools > Options > Drawings . Once a dimension has been inserted into one view, it is not inserted again into another view. You can also select Eliminate duplicates when you insert Model Items (dimensions, annotations, reference geometry).

You can delete a dimension from one view, then insert it into a different view, or you can move or copy it to another view.