Hide/Show Annotations

Hide/Show Annotations allows you to toggle the visibility of individual annotations or tables in a drawing.

Hiding a dimension has a different effect than deleting it:
  • If you hide an annotation, it is still present in the view. Therefore, it is not restored if you import annotations again.
  • If you delete an annotation, it may be restored if you import annotations again (if it does not already appear in another view).

Showing Dimension Names

To show dimension names:

Click View > Hide/Show > Dimension Names or Hide/Show Items > View Dimension Names (Heads-up View toolbar).

Hiding or Showing Annotations

To hide or show annotations:

  1. Click Hide/Show Annotations Tool_Hide_Show_Annotations_Annotation.gif on the Annotation toolbar, or click View > Hide/Show > Annotations.
    All annotations are displayed; hidden annotations are in gray.

    The pointer changes to pointer_hide_show_annotations.gif.

  2. Click the annotations that you want to show or hide.
    Click an annotation to hide: Click an annotation to show:
    hide_show_annotations1.gif hide_show_annotations2.gif
    When you hide an annotation, it is hidden on the drawing sheet but not removed from the model's database.

    If you are not using View > Hide/Show > Annotations, you can right-click an annotation and click Hide to hide the annotation.