Thermal Loads for Beams

You can apply thermal loads on beam joints and beam bodies. After running thermal analysis on a model with beams, you can import the temperatures into a Linear Static, Nonlinear Static, Frequency, Buckling, or Nonlinear Dynamic study to perform stress analysis.

The table lists the type of thermal loads you can apply on beam and truss elements. Apply concentrated thermal loads on beam and truss joints and distributed thermal loads along the length of beam and truss bodies.
  Beam or Truss
Thermal Loads Joint Body
Temperature Yes Yes
Convection No Yes
Heat Flux No Yes
Heat Power Yes Yes
Radiation to Ambient only No Yes

Only heat flux supports non-uniform distribution of thermal load.

For example, to apply temperature to a joint or beam body, in the Temperature PropertyManager click Joints or Beams . In the graphics area, select the joints or beam bodies to apply the temperature loads.

After running a thermal study, you can view thermal plot results on beam models. The temperature result plot of a truss is shown.

To perform stress analysis based on temperatures from a thermal study:

  1. Create a static study.
  2. Open the static study Properties dialog box.
  3. On the Flow/Thermal Effects tab, select Temperatures from thermal study.
The resultant displacement plot of a truss model with temperature loads imported into a static study is shown.