Project Viewer

You can view SOLIDWORKS Electrical projects in the Project Viewer window.

To open Project Viewer, click Projects manager > Preview . The software displays the selected SOLIDWORKS Electrical project in read-only format.


Projects manager Opens the projects manager window.
Previous Displays the previous page.
Next Displays the next page.
Properties Opens the properties dialog box of the selected record.
Reports Opens the reports manager window.
Zoom Extents Zooms to display the drawing extents.
Rectangular Zoom Zooms to display an area specified by the rectangular window.
Dynamic Zoom Real-time zoom.
Real-time Pan Moves the view when you click and move the mouse.
Print Opens the print manage window.
Export DWG files Exports the drawings in DWG format.
Export PDF file Exports the drawings in PDF format.


You can filter a specific document or component. When you open Documents tab, the software displays the Document Search and when you open Components tab, the software displays the Component Search.

Side Panel

Documents Lists the project documents.
Components Lists the components, which are sorted by location.

Preview Zone

Displays the drawings present in the selected Documents or Components tab. Click a drawing to open it in the viewer zone.

Viewer Zone

Displays the selected drawing. The software displays one drawing at a time. The drawings are read-only and you can only use zoom commands.