Specifying Support Information

Administrators can provide support information to users by using the Settings Administrator Tool.

To access the Settings Administrator Tool, you must first create an administrative image. See SOLIDWORKS Online Help: Creating an Administrative Image from SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

Support information appears when you click Get support in the following locations:

  • Help
  • Logged in
  • Welcome dialog box under Resources
  • SOLIDWORKS Error Report dialog box
  • In SOLIDWORKS Rx, Help

To specify support information:

  1. Start the Settings Administrator Tool from an administrative image.
  2. In the SOLIDWORKS Setting Administration dialog box, select an option on the Welcome page and click Next until you reach the Support Information page.
  3. Specify the contact information:
    Open the SOLIDWORKS Support website Get Support opens this website if you do not specify contact information.
    Provide support contact information in a dialog box Specifies contact information to show in the SOLIDWORKS Support dialog box:
    • Organization or person name
    • Contact options:
      • Email
      • Phone number
      • Web address
      • Web address text
    • Note

    To view the SOLIDWORKS Support dialog box, click preview.