Mating Fittings in Routing Subassemblies

Mates can be added only to end fittings, such as flanges, tees, reducers, and in-line valves, in a route subassembly. If you delete the mates on an end fitting, or if you insert an end fitting at the end of a 3D sketch segment, the position of the end fitting becomes driven by the 3D sketch.

  • If you want the end fitting position to drive the 3D sketch, right-click the end fitting and select Constrain Sketch to Fitting.
  • To restore the fitting to driven status, right-click the end fitting and select Constrain Fitting to Sketch.
  • If the fitting is fixed or mated, it always drives the sketch, and its status cannot be changed.
  • You can reposition connectors or fittings in an assembly by using the Mates tool. The alignment sketch relations associated with stubs of connectors and fittings are removed to avoid overdefined or unsolvable sketch conditions. The sketch constraints are added back to the sketch, wherever necessary.

The position of all other components in a route subassembly is always driven by the 3D sketch.