Editing a Route Subassembly

You can edit a route subassembly in several ways:

  • Edit the route sketch to modify the path of the route segments.
  • Change the diameter of a route.
  • Add fittings while editing the route sketch.
  • Perform segment to segment penetration.
  • Create custom pipe configurations for selected segments.
  • Remove pipe or tube between fittings to create fitting-to-fitting connections.

In general, you should edit route subassemblies in the context of the top-level assembly.

To edit the route sketch and modify the route:

  1. Click one of the following:
    • Edit Existing Piping Route (Piping toolbar).
    • Edit Existing Flex Tube Route Tool_EditExistingFlexTubeRoute_FlexibleTubing.gif (Flexible Tube toolbar).
    • Edit Existing Electrical Route (Electrical toolbar).
    The Edit Route PropertyManager appears. All route subassemblies of the type you specified (Piping, Flexible Tube, or Electrical) appear in Assembly File Name.
  2. Select a route subassembly from the list.
    The selected route subassembly highlights in the graphics area.
  3. Click PM_OK.gif.
    The route sketch of the selected route subassembly opens.
  4. As you drag segments in the sketch, the route segment updates to reflect the changes. When you exit the sketch, the subassembly rebuilds.
You can also edit the route sketch by right-clicking any of the following in the FeatureManager design tree and selecting Edit route or Edit Sketch:
  • The route subassembly
  • The Route fm_piping_route.png feature
  • The 3DSketch feature
Guidelines that appear when you edit a route will disappear when you stop editing the route.