Highlight Search Pane

Search an electrical route assembly for items such as connectors and their related wires. Search any assembly for components such as housings or cable clips.


You can search for items in any open document.

To activate Highlight Search:
  1. Open an assembly and, optionally, a document such as an ECAD drawing, imported schematic, or any other drawing containing a text string.
  2. Select the Highlight Search tab in the Task Pane.
  3. Click to pin the Task Pane open.
  4. Select the search source and type, enter search text, and click Find.

Items in the assembly matching the search criteria appear in the Task Pane. You can select an item in theTask Pane to highlight it in the graphics area.

Clipboard After selecting and copying text in any open document, selects search text from the clipboard.
Drawing Select text from an open drawing.
Wire Searches for single-conductor wires. Lists wires and their related connectors under Results.
Signal Searches for items identified as signals in the from/to list used to create the route. Lists signals under Results.
Cable Searches for multiple-conductor cables. Lists cables and their related connectors under Results.
Connector Searches for electrical connectors. Lists connectors and their related wires and cables under Results.
Component Searches for any item within the top-level assembly, such as housings and cable clips. Also searches for connectors, but does not list their related wires and cables under Results.
Pipe Tag Searches for pipe segments. Lists pipes, and their related connectors and components under Results.
All types Searches for all types listed above.
Retain selection Retains the selection currently highlighted in the graphics area without retaining the results of the search. You can then search for and highlight another item. For example:
  1. Search for connector J1.
  2. Select Retain selection.
  3. Search for connector J2.

Connectors J1 and J2 are both highlighted in the graphics area, but only J2 is listed under Results.

Search text Enter text to search for by doing one of the following:
  • Select a text string in an ECAD drawing, imported schematic, or any other drawing containing the required string.
  • Type or paste text.
You can select text from previous searches in the drop-down list. Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard. For example:
  • Type 20g* to find all items whose name begins with 20g.
  • Type *blue* to find all items whose name contains blue.
Find Click to perform the search.
Previous Searches Lists recent searches. Double-click a previous search to enter the text under Search text.


Viewing item Lists which item you are viewing of the total number of items found. Click or to scroll through the items.
Zoom Zooms to the item in the graphics area.
Related items Lists connectors, components, wires, or cables related to selected results.

Double-click a listing to highlight it in the graphics area, and insert its name into the Search text field.

Properties Lists the properties of the item selected in Related items.
Back to Source If you populated Search text by selecting a string in another document, click Back to Source to return to that document.