Support for Manifold Fittings with Unaligned Connection and Route Points

You can add manifold fittings to a route. These fittings have several connection points but their axes do not align at a common point where you can add a route point.

The following example displays a fitting with multiple connection points (CPoints) and route points (RPoints).

You can snap, drag and drop manifold fittings in the middle of a route segment. Press Tab to align and place fittings with different pairs of aligned CPoints and RPoints.

The following examples show the alignment and placement of fittings:

In this subassembly, RPoint 1 is used for alignment. CPoint1 and CPoint2 are aligned to the main route segment.
In this example, RPoint2 is used for alignment but CPoint5 and CPoint6 are aligned to the main route segment.