Creating a New Pipe or Tube Part

To create a new pipe or tube part:

  1. Create a part that meets the geometry requirements for a pipe or tube.
  2. Add the configuration-specific property $PRP@Pipe Identifier to the part. This property:
    • Identifies the part as a pipe part, so the software recognizes it when you browse for pipe parts from the Route Properties PropertyManager.
    • Is used as the default name of the local copy of the pipe part when you save the assembly.
    • Must have a unique value for each configuration.
  3. Add the configuration-specific property $PRP@Specification to the part (optional). This property can be used with the specification parameter of a connection point to filter pipe and fitting configurations.
  4. Insert a design table to create the configurations. In the header row, include the following parameters:
    $PRP@Pipe Identifier (value must be unique for each configuration)
    $PRP@Specification (recommended)
    You can include additional parameters as needed, for properties such as weight per unit of length, cost, and part number.
  5. Save the part in the Routing library specified in Routing File Locations.
Extrude the pipe part in the direction of the positive Z-axis.