Required Features in Routing Parts and Components

This is a summary of the features, sketches, and dimensions that you must use in the components of pipe and tube route assemblies.

Pipe and Tube Parts

  • Pipe section
  • Tube section
  • A configuration-specific property named $PRP@Pipe Identifier (value must be unique for each configuration).
  • A configuration-specific property named $PRP@Specification (recommended).
  • A design table with a configuration for each size of raw stock that you use. You must include the following parameters in the table:
    $PRP@Pipe Identifier

    Do not include Length@Extrusion in the design table.

All types of fittings

In any fitting that has multiple configurations, Specification@Cpointn is recommended for each connection point (include as a design table parameter).

Elbow Parts

  • Required geometry
  • A Connection Point at each end of the elbow, where you want the pipe or tube to be cut.
  • A design table with a configuration for each size of elbow that you use.
    Diameter@Cpointn (for each connection point)


  • Required geometry
  • One Connection Point.
  • One Route Point (optional).


  • Required geometry
  • One Connection Point at each end.

Other Fittings (such as tees and crosses)

  • One Connection Point at each port.
  • One Route Point at the intersection of the branches.