Check Against Existing File

The Check Against Existing File tool validates the active document against checks created from existing files.

Supported file formats are:

  • DWG files (*.dwg)
  • Part (*.sldprt, *.prt)
  • Assembly (*.asm, *.sldasm)
  • Drawing (*.drw, *.slddrw)
  • Template (*.prtdot, *.asmdot, *.drwdot)
  • Drafting Standard (*.sldstd)

When you run Check Against Existing File, Design Checker creates a new standards file based on the file you selected, opens the file in the Build Checks module, validates the active document, and shows the results in the Task Pane.

To run Check Against Existing File:

  1. Click Check Against Existing File (Design Checker flyout toolbar ) or Tools > Design Checker > Check Against Existing File .
  2. Open an existing file to compare to the active document.
    Design Checker creates the checks in Build Checks and validates the document.
  3. Review the results in the Task Pane.
    You can click Auto Correct All to correct all failed checks that support autocorrection.