Merge Standards

You can merge .swstd files, create multiple standards files, and then merge them into one master file. All the original .swstd files are retained.

To merge files:

  1. In SOLIDWORKS Design Checker, click File > Merge Standards.
  2. In the dialog box, click Add and browse to .swstd files.
  3. Continue to add files and use the following controls as needed:
    • Select a file and click Remove to delete the file from the list.
    • Select a file and click Move Up or Move Down to change the file's order in the list. The merged file assumes the name of the first file on the list, but you can rename it.
      If you merge two files with conflicting checks, the system assigns priority according to the order in the Merge Standards dialog box.
  4. Click OK, type a file name, and click Save.
    The new merged file opens so you can view all the check types and their values.
    • The left panel lists the types of checks such as Arrow Style, Dimension Font, etc.
    • The right panel lists the details for each type of check such as Font Style - Regular, Spell Checker, etc.