Auto Correct

Use Auto Correct All or Correct Selected to correct failed checks that support auto-correction .

To correct failed checks:

  1. With an open part, assembly, or drawing document, click Check Active Document (Design Checker flyout , Tools toolbar) or Tools > Design Checker > Check Active Document.
    A Design Checker tab opens in the Task Pane.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select one or multiple drafting standards from the list of built-in standard files.
    • Click Add Standards , browse for .swstd files, and select standard files to add.
  3. Click Check Document to check if the active document complies with the selected standard, and display the results.
    An alert appears if duplicate checks are found in multiple .swstd files. Design Checker uses the last occurrence of the check.
  4. Design Checker lists the failed checks in order of the criticality assigned to each check. Expand each individual entry to list the Parameter Name, Actual Value, and Preferred Value(s). For example:
    Parameter Name Actual Value Preferred Value(s)
    Unit System Custom MMGS
    Dual Units inches MMGS


  5. Click Correct Selected to correct only the selected failed checks from the tree, or click Auto Correct All, to correct all failed checks for which Design Checker supports auto-correction.
    The failed checks are corrected with the values set in each of the Preferred auto correction values box.
    Auto Correct All triggers revalidation of the active document. The Correct Selected tool does not trigger revalidation of the active document. You can click Recheck Document to revalidate the document.
  6. Click Close or Save Report to create a report.

Valid Auto Correct Checks

Auto correct for: Types of checks:
Document Checks All checks except:
  • Reference Up to Date
  • Custom Property
  • Custom Check
  • Overridden Mass Check
Annotation Checks
  • Arrow Style
  • Font Style
Dimension Checks All checks except:
  • Overridden Dimension
  • Overlapping Dimension
  • Replaced Original Text
Drawing Document Checks
  • Standard Template
  • View Display style
  • Extension Line Visible Gap
Part Document Checks All checks are supported
Assembly Document Checks Only available for: Component Material
Feature Checks None