Create Checks from Existing File

The Create Checks from Existing File tool allows you to create standards files (*.swstd) from existing files.

Supported file formats are:

  • DWG files (*.dwg)
  • Part (*.sldprt, *.prt)
  • Assembly (*.asm, *.sldasm)
  • Drawing (*.drw, *.slddrw)
  • Template (*.prtdot, *.asmdot, *.drwdot)
  • Drafting Standard (*.sldstd)

To create a Design Checker standard file from an existing file:

  1. Click Build Checks (Design Checker flyout toolbar ) or Tools > Design Checker > Build Checks .
  2. Click File, Create Checks from Existing File.
  3. Browse to the existing file and click Open.
  4. Select the different check tabs to review the checks in the file.
    To add new checks, select them and set the parameters and values.
  5. Save the file.
    The document is saved as a Standard File (.swstd) which you can use as a template to check other SOLIDWORKS part, assembly, or drawing documents.

    Use Check Active Document, and add the standard file you created.