Learn Checks Wizard

Use the Learn Checks Wizard to retrieve design checks based on attributes from an existing SOLIDWORKS part, assembly, or drawing document.

To use the Learn Checks Wizard:

  1. Open a SOLIDWORKS document and click Learn Checks Wizard (Design Checker toolbar) or Design Checker > Learn Checks Wizard.
    The Task Pane lists all the available check types in the document.
  2. Expand each check type and select the checks to include.
  3. As you select a check, the current Parameter Name and Value appears. For example:
    Document checks
    Document's Dimension Font Check
    Parameter Name Value
    Font Century Gothic
    Font Style Regular
    Strikeout No
    Underline No
    Units 0.0035
    Space 0.001
    Some checks require input. For example, Dimension Checks requires you to select the dimensions to include:
    Dimension Checks
    Dimension's Arrow Style Check
    Parameter Name Value
    Use Document's Arrow Style Yes
    1st Arrow Style
    2nd Arrow Style
    Use Document's Arrow Position Yes
    Arrow Position Smart
  4. If you are using a part document, for example, enter the Edit Sketch mode, select the dimensions to include in this check.

    The selected dimensions are listed in the middle panel.

  5. Click PM_OK.gif once you complete all the checks to be learned from the active document.
    The checks are generated, and SOLIDWORKS Design Checker opens with the Dialog View tab active. You can toggle between:
    Dialog View Shows checks in the requirements document, where you can edit any of the criteria.
    Summary View Shows a condensed view of the requirements document with parameters and values for each check.
    You cannot edit parameters in the Summary View.
  6. Click Save (Standard toolbar) or File > Save.
    The checks are saved as an .swstd file which you can use as a template to check other SOLIDWORKS part, assembly, or drawing documents.