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Numbering configuration

Menu: Electrical project > Configurations > Wire styles...

Dockable panel > Contextual menu of the electrical project: Configurations > Wire styles...

Wire insertion > [...] > [Management]  


All the wire numbering settings are available on three levels:

Numbering options in electrical project settings

You can access project-level numbering settings from Mark tab of the electrical project Settings dialog box.

Available settings are:

Direction: Defines the direction of wire numbering. Available settings configure horizontal sequencing, vertical sequencing, and horizontal or vertical priority.

Unique order number: When this box is checked, the value obtained from the Order number variable used in the marking formulas is without discontinuity over the whole electrical project. If the box is not checked, the Order number starts again at 1 as soon as the wire group is different.

Wire style management: Provides direct access to numbering settings in the Wire style management dialog box.

Numbering options in Wire style management

Several numbering options are available from Wire Style Management.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows you to number your wires in two ways:


- Numbering of the equipotentials, all the wires connected to the same mesh (connected together) use the same number.

- Wire numbering where each physical wire is numbered individually.


Numbering (Wire/Equipotential): Select the numbering mode, either Equipotential or Wire.

Display: Used to select the mode used to display numbers; with the first option, the number is placed in the middle of the segment. With the second option the number is placed on the first and the last segments of the mesh. With the third option, all the numbers are placed in the line segment. In wire numbering, the One number per wire mode is not available.

Display style: Select the option you want to display equipotential numbers in all electrical project drawings. The Equipotential marks option only displays the wire number and the Equipotential label option displays the wire label.

Numbering options in Wire styles

    • Numbering group properties

Wires are grouped in a Numbering group so that all wires that are part of a group use the same counter. This ensures numbering continuity in the wires even if they are different wire types.

The numbering group parameters can be accessed via its contextual menu Properties option.


The first setting is the number of the group. This number cannot be changed. Every group is associated with a "counter" that is an automatically incrementing counter. It also ensures that two wires in a numbering group cannot have the same number.

Wire numbering options

Numbering active: Allows you to activate or deactivate the numbering of the wires in the group.  

If you deactivate the option, none of the wires in the Group will be numbered.

Start numbering at: Allows you to define the first wire number applied to the group.  

For example, if you input the value 100, the first wire will be numbered 100, the second, 101 and so on.

Marks unique by: Allows you to manage the level of uniqueness of the wire marks. For example, if you set the level of uniqueness to Project, the counter will be continuous over the whole electrical project. If you set it to Book, the counter will restart at the value of the Start numbering at parameter each time a change of book occurs.

Multiple wires

Calculation of multiple wire order number: Allows you to define the wire numbering mode for the wires in this group.

Different for each wire option will cause a different number for every wire conductor.

Common for the different wires option will assign the same number for all wire conductors. In this mode, it is advisable to add a prefix to the numbering formula, otherwise, all the wire conductors will have the same value.

    • Wire properties

The wire numbering parameters are available in the wire style properties.


The Equipotential formula and wire formula fields allow you to enter a formula composed of variables and character strings.


The list of available variables is different for the equipotential numbering and the wire numbering.

For further information on the possibilities of the Formula generator, please refer to the chapter entitled: The Formula management.

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