What's Wrong

View errors and warnings in the current status of a Simulation study.

To display errors or warnings with What's Wrong:
  • In the Simulation study tree, right-click the study icon with an error icon and select What's Wrong
When there is an error with the study, you need to fix the error in order to run the study. When there is a warning with a feature, you can still run the study or view existing results.

You can identify errors or warnings by icons in the Simulation study tree:

Icon Description
FM_down_arrow.gif Indicates an error with the study. This icon appears next to a study name at the top of the Simulation study tree.
fm_whats_wrong_x.png Indicates an error with a study feature. An error indicates that the Simulation feature is invalid.
fm_exclamation_point.png Indicates a warning with a feature. A warning icon next to the Results or Mesh folders, indicates that the results are not current or up-to-date.

The dialog box includes columns that display:

Type Error fm_whats_wrong_x.png or FM_down_arrow.gif, or Warning fm_exclamation_point.png.
Feature The name of the study feature and its icon in the Simulation study tree.
Description An explanation of the error or warning.

The dialog box includes these check boxes:

Show errors Displays error messages.
Show warnings Displays warning messages.