Simulation Advisor

Simulation Advisor is a set of tools that guide you through the analysis process. By answering a series of questions, these tools collect the necessary data to help you perform your analysis. Simulation Advisor includes:

Simulation Advisor Recommends study types and outputs to expect. Helps you define sensors and creates studies automatically.
Bodies and Materials Advisor Lets you specify how to treat bodies within a part or an assembly and apply materials to components.
Interactions Advisor Defines internal interactions between bodies in the model as well as external interactions between the model and the environment. Interactions can include loads, fixtures, connectors, and contacts.
Mesh and Run Advisor Helps you specify the mesh and run the study.
Results Advisor Provides tips for interpreting and viewing the output of the simulation. Also, helps determine if frequency or buckling might be areas of concern.

Simulation Advisor works with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation interface by starting the appropriate PropertyManagers and linking to online help topics for additional information. Simulation Advisor leads you through the analysis workflow from determining the study type through analyzing the simulation output. By following the workflow, you use, depending on your requirements, each of the individual Advisors.

Starting Simulation Advisor

To start the Simulation Advisor:

Click Simulation Advisor (Simulation CommandManager).
The Simulation Advisor tab appears in the Task Pane.

Accessing Individual Advisors

To access individual advisors:

Click one of the following in the Simulation CommandManager:
Option Description
Study Access the Simulation Advisor
Fixtures Access the Fixtures section of the Interactions Advisor
External Loads Access the Loads section of the Interactions Advisor
Connections Access the Connections section of the Interactions Advisor
Results Access the Results Advisor