Searching Analysis Documents

You can search for analysis keywords within:
  • Analysis library parts and assemblies (*.sldalprt and *.sldalasm)
  • Parts and assemblies (*.sldprt and *.sldasm)

You must save documents in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2008 or later to search for analysis keywords.

See Search in the SOLIDWORKS online help for instructions on how to use search, add search paths, navigate results, etc.

Analysis Keywords

The following table lists categories and examples of valid analysis keywords.
Category Examples
All documents with an analysis study analysis
Study types static, frequency
Mesh types solid, shell
Mesh options adaptive
Connector types bolt, spot weld
Contact types bonded, no penetration
Dynamic analysis dynamics, random vibration, harmonic, modal time history
Other valid keywords alternate mesh, bearing load, mesh controls, trend analysis

Analysis Library Examples

In addition to the keywords listed above, you can search keywords and comments within the Analysis Library examples. The keywords and comments are in the Summary tab of the Properties dialog box. Click File > Properties to access this dialog box. Note that you cannot search for comments on the Remark tab of the study's properties dialog box.

To search Analysis Library Examples:

Add install_directory\Data\Analysis Library\Examples as a search path.