Result Databases

The software saves the results of each study a database file with extension CWR. The database name for a study is constructed automatically by joining the study name to the part or assembly name separated by “-”.

For example if the document name is Crank-assembly and the study name is Initial-Study, then the file name for the study will be Crank-assembly-Initial-Study.CWR.

If you rename the part or assembly file, or the study name, save the document to update the association with the CWR file.

To transfer the results of a study from computer A to computer B, copy the CWR file of the study and the part or assembly file. You should copy the CWR file to the proper folder as specified in the Results Options of computer B. To change this folder, right-click the top icon in the Simulation study tree, select Options, and click the Results tab.

While working on a study, the software may break the database file into a number of files with the same name but different extensions. Result databases can occupy a large amount of disk space. Delete files you do not need frequently to avoid wasting disk space.