Viewing Results

After running the analysis, the software generates customizable default result plots. You can view a plot by double-clicking its icon in the Simulation study tree.

You can also define other plots by right-clicking a result folder and selecting Define. When defining plots, you can use reference coordinate systems. For example, you can view radial and tangential stresses by selecting an axis when defining stress plots. You can associate result plots with named views.

Result viewing tools include fringe plots, section plots, iso plots, animation, probing, and exploded views. For sections plots, you can choose planar, cylindrical, and/or spherical cutting tools. A clipping utility is provided for convenient viewing of section and iso plots.

You can generate a structured Internet-ready report that includes all available plots automatically. The Report wizard guides you to customize the report and include result plots.

To generate a Report, click Report (Simulation CommandManager), or Simulation > Report.

Right-click a result plot icon and click Save As, to save a result plot in one of the available formats: eDrawings, Bitmap, JPEG, PNG, andVRML.

You can save animations as AVI video files. You can include result plots automatically in the study report.

To save all result plots in the JPEG format, right-click Results, and click Save All Plots as JPEG files.

To save all result plots in the eDrawings format, right-click Results, and click Save All Plots as eDrawings.

Customized Numerical Format for Results

The Microsoft® Windows® system options you define for formatting numerical values propagate to post processing of simulation results.

From the Control Panel, select Region and Language > Formats > Additional settings. On the Formats tab, specify the required symbols for Decimal symbol and Digit grouping symbol (thousand separator).

These Microsoft Windows system options apply to the numerical format when probing and listing simulation results, and also when displaying callouts in plots (including plots in reports).
If you enter multiple characters to customize the decimal and thousand separators display, only the first character is used for the numerical display of simulation results.