Folder Properties

You can modify folder properties in the Folder Properties dialog box if you have the right permissions in your user profile.

To view folder properties:

Right-click the folder and select Properties.

General tab
Lists summary and scheduling information. As the project proceeds, users with access rights can change the following scheduling information:
  • Starting Date
  • Deadline Date
  • Time Estimate
You are notified when the Deadline Date is reached if you have activated this function on the Folders page of the Notification Editor.
Folder Data Card tab
Shows values of data card variables, such as the Project Name, Description, and Author.
  • The View Values tab displays the values.
  • The Edit Values tab lets you change the values if you have access rights.
Permissions tab Shows permissions vault users have for this folder.

You must have Assign file permissions access for this folder to see this tab or modify these permissions.

Group Memberships tab Lists groups in the vault and shows which vault users have permission to access the folder as members of the groups.

You must have Assign group membership access for this folder to see this tab or modify these permissions.

Deleted Items tab

Lists folders and files that have been deleted from this folder.

If you have access rights, you can recover or destroy (permanently remove) files in this list.

In addition to folder permissions, you must have permissions to delete and/or destroy files in the workflow state the files are in.