Assigning Folder Access

You can use the Group Membership and Permissions tabs on a folder's Properties dialog box to grant access to a folder.

You must have Assign group membership and Assign file permissions enabled in your user profile to see these tabs and grant permissions.

  1. In SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, right-click a folder and select Properties.
  2. On the Group Memberships tab:
    1. Under Groups, select a group.
      Vault users are listed. Users who have access to this folder as members of the group have a check in the Member column.
    2. To extend access to a user, check the Member check box.
      The user is added to the selected group but only granted access to the current folder.
  3. On the Permissions tab:
    1. Under Users, select a user.
      The user's permissions are listed.
    2. Check or clear permissions to control the user's access to this folder.
  4. Click OK.