Adding Position Numbers

You can add position numbers to a named BOM.

Position numbers are a numbered list of the BOM components. Parts in subassemblies automatically receive detailed position numbers, for example 2.1.

To add position numbers:

  1. On the Bill of Materials tab, click Position Numbers .
  2. In the Position Numbers dialog box:
    1. Under Start At, type the initial position number.
    2. Under Increment, type a number for the interval between position numbers.
    3. Ensure Show position numbers is selected.
      You can start at one and use increments of one, or start at a higher number and use a higher increment to leave gaps in the sequence so that you can add new numbered components.
  3. Click OK.
    To change the position numbers to use a new increment or starting number, click Position Numbers , enter new values, and clear Do not change position numbers.

    To hide position numbers, clear Show position numbers.