Display States

When you publish SOLIDWORKS assemblies as eDrawings assemblies (.EASM), display state data (for the selected configurations in the Save Configurations to eDrawings file dialog box) is stored in the eDrawings assembly files. This gives you important information to communicate and collaborate in eDrawings.

Display state data is also supported when you save an assembly as an eDrawings Web HTML file from eDrawings Professional. You can view the display states in supported browsers and in SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2.

On the Configuration pane, the option, Link display states to configurations, is removed. Display states are linked or unlinked based on the setting in the SOLIDWORKS assembly at the time of publishing the eDrawings assembly file from SOLIDWORKS. When the display states are linked to the configuration, only the display states that are associated with the selected configurations are published. If display states are linked to the configurations, the header says Display States (Linked).

Textures are not supported in the display state data.