Color Picker

In the Color Picker, you have more ways to define colors, you can display recently used colors, and you can import and export color swatch palettes.

The Color Picker includes two tabs: Color and Swatches.

On the Color tab you can:
  • Define color codes including:
    • CMYK, which lets you modify color through CMYK components.
    • HEX, which lets you view and edit the hexadecimal code.
  • Access the most recently used colors in Recent Colors.

On the Swatches tab you can:

  • Click Import Swatch Palette to import existing color swatch palettes from:
    • SOLIDWORKS Palettes (.sldclr)
    • ACO files (.aco)
    • SVG files (.svg)
    • HTML files
  • Click Export Swatch Palette to export color swatch palettes from SOLIDWORKS Visualize and use them in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Select preset swatch palette libraries such as Bright, Pastel, and Grayscale.
  • Manage existing or new swatch palettes by adding, naming, duplicating, deleting, and locking them.