Create cross section planes:
  • Use the default XY cross section plane.
  • Select a plane from the Section pane.
  • Select a face in the graphics area, then on the Section pane click Face Plane .
  • Double-click a point on a face to create a cross section plane parallel to the face.
When you save section views with intersection zones in the SOLIDWORKS software, you can see the views in eDrawings. Click View Orientation (Heads-up View toolbar) and click a section view.

Creating and Manipulating Cross Sections

You can drag the plane to change the cross section.

To create and manipulate a cross section:

  1. Click Section or Tools > Cross Section.
    A cross section plane appears, normal to the model.

  2. Drag the plane, which moves along the axis normal to the model.

  3. On the Section pane, select from the following options.
    Option   Description
    XY Plane  
    YZ Plane  
    XZ Plane  
    Face Plane First select a face, then select this option to create a plane parallel to the selected face. Double-clicking a face also enables this option.
    Flip Flips the model along the currently displayed plane to display the other side of the model.
    View normal to Plane Displays the model normal to the plane.
    Hide Plane Shows or hides the cross section plane.
    Show Cap Displays the edges as capped solid faces.
    Cross section capped and solid
    Cross section uncapped and hollow
  4. To release the Section tool, click it again.