3D Views

eDrawings supports 3D Views in parts (.eprt) and assemblies (.easm).

When you publish a SOLIDWORKS model with 3D views to eDrawings, text remains at the same scale. In SOLIDWORKS, clear Always display text as the same size in the Annotation Properties dialog box and set the Text scale for the 3D views. All 3D views in the eDrawings file retain the same text scale as in the SOLIDWORKS file.

To access 3D Views:

  1. Click 3D Views .
  2. In the 3D Views pane, do one of the following:
    • Select a view.
    • Click Show All to display all of the 3D Views associated with the model. Otherwise, only the 3D Views associated with the active configuration are displayed. The Show All functionality is available for models saved in SOLIDWORKS 2018 and later.