To use the markup tools:

  1. Create a new comment.
  2. Add markup elements, such as geometric elements, clouds, text, or dimensions to the comment using the markup tools.
    • If no comment has been started and you select a markup element, a new comment is created.
    • Graphical indicators notify you if the file contains a markup and if a comment is associated to a markup .
    • You can specify properties for markup elements on the Markup tab of Tools > Options.
    • Markup comments are displayed as a threaded discussion on the Markup pane.
    • Unread comments appear in bold in the threaded discussion.
    • You can edit your own comments only.
    • Markup comments remember the model state at the time of markup creation.
    • When you use the Line tool in a markup comment, horizontal and vertical snaps are available.
    • The Wrap text check box in the text box is selected by default so that text is wrapped automatically.
    • You can save markup files.