You can add dimensions as markup elements associated with comments.

The Dimension tool is similar to the Measure tool, but differs because:
  • Markup dimensions are saved in the file as markup comments. Dimensions from the Measure tool disappear when you exit the tool.
  • When you create a markup dimension, the default text is the measurement value, but the dimension text is editable.
Markup dimensions are for reference only. Editing the text does not modify the model.
The Dimension tool has the same licensing rules as the Measure tool:
  • The file must be measure-enabled. This is a document property. If the Measure tool is visible, the file is measure-enabled.
  • You must have an eDrawings professional license. If the Markup tool is visible, you have an eDrawings Professional license.

If the file is review-enabled but not measure-enabled, the Dimension tool is still active, but the dimension's text box is empty.

Adding Dimensions

To add dimensions:

  1. Activate a comment and click Dimension (Markup pane) or Tools > Markup > Dimension.
  2. In the dialog box, choose a selection filter (faces, edges, vertices, or holes).
  3. Select an item and click to place the extension lines and dimension text.
    A text box appears with the dimension.
  4. Edit the dimension and add text, then click.

Editing Dimensions

To edit dimension text:

Double-click it.

To move dimension text:

Drag it.

To edit extension lines:

Drag the handles .

To delete dimension text:

Select it and press Delete.