Sheet Formats, Sheets, and Views

Ownership of items in drawings is dependent on what is active when the item is created. Sketch entities, notes, and other items can belong to the drawing sheet, to an individual view, or to the drawing sheet format. In general, you must activate the owner of an item in order to edit the item.

Dimensions and annotations that are attached to model geometry are exceptions to this rule. They belong to the view where they are attached, regardless of whether the view is active when you create the item.

For example, you can activate a view, and create a construction line that belongs to the view. If you move or delete the view, the construction line is moved or deleted also.

You can create the same construction line on the sheet, when no view is active. However, if you move or delete the views on the sheet, the construction line is not affected.

Similarly, you must activate the sheet format to edit any items that are owned by the sheet format. While the sheet format is active, the sheet is hidden, including all the items that belong to the sheet, and all the views.