Views of Parts and Assemblies

Views reference a part or an assembly. You can scale, orient, and position views on the drawing sheet.

You can generate drawings of a part or assembly in a variety of view types: Standard 3 View, Model, and Relative views. The part or assembly document must be saved before you can create drawing views of it.
  • From existing views on the active sheet, you can create Projected, Auxiliary, Detail, Crop, Section, Aligned Section, Broken-out Section, Alternate Position, or Break views.
  • You can create an Empty view for sketching or annotations.
  • You can define any orthogonal, projected, or named view in a drawing sheet and then populate the view using Predefined views.
To interrupt an update to a drawing, press Esc.

Drawing view boundaries are displayed in different colors to indicate the status of the view.

You can lock views, sheets, or view positions by right-clicking an item and selecting:
  • Lock View Focus. Allows you to add sketch entities to a view, even when the pointer is close to another view. You can be sure that the items you are adding belong to the view you want. You can also double-click a view to lock the focus.
  • Lock Sheet Focus. Allows you to add sketch entities to the sheet. Otherwise, the sketch entities belong to the view that is closest to where you begin sketching. You can also double-click a sheet to lock the focus. Lock Sheet Focus is available when at least one drawing view is present. When Lock Sheet Focus is enabled, the drawing sheet border is pink.
  • Lock View Position allows you to fix the drawing view in place. Right-click anywhere in the drawing view and select Lock View Position.
To unlock a view, sheet, or view position, right-click and select Unlock View Focus (or double-click outside of the view) Unlock Sheet Focus (or double-click the sheet), or Unlock View Position.