File Cards

Files stored in a vault can have a file card connected to them to show information such as the file's custom properties.

The information is stored in the vault database and used to display information about the file when users browse or search, without requiring the file to be opened. The layout of each file data card is customizable and different file types and/or file locations within the vault can have different layouts.

When a new vault is created, file cards linked to commonly used file types are imported. If you upgrade from a previous version, or want to restore the default layout of a card, you can re-import it.

Card name Enter a display name for the file card.
Card type Select File Card.
Resizable Does not apply to File cards.
File extensions List each file extension, separated by a semicolon, which should use the current card layout. Do not include periods.
If you add extensions to the current card which are assigned to another card, the extensions are reassigned to the current card when saved.