Template Cards (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

Template card can be used to retrieve information from the user when a template is launched to create new files or projects within a vault.

When a project template is activated, the user is asked for project-specific information by way of a template card. The information is then used to generate the names of the project folders created.

The layout of each template card is fully customizable and can be linked to one or more templates.

Card name Enter a display name for the template card.
Card type Select Template Card.
Resizable Does not apply to Template cards.

Template Card Variables

When you create a control on a template card, you must link it to a variable. You can create new unique variables for the template card or re-use existing ones.

The variables are only used to hold the user input when the form is shown; values are not stored in the database. To use the values in the template, you must link the form variables to template variables on the Template Cards page of the template wizard.