Domains Node

The Domains node in the PlasticsManager tree lists the part bodies participating in the analysis and their domain classification.

The domain classification choices available for a study depend on the type of Injection Process and Analysis Procedure defined when creating a new study. For a Shell analysis procedure, the domain choice is limited to Cavity. For a Solid analysis procedure, the domain choices are: Cavity, Runner, Cooling Channel, Mold, and Insert.

The available domain choices depend on the installed SOLIDWORKS Plastics license.

  • You can select multiple part bodies to assign the same domain type, which is useful for models with a large number of bodies.
  • You can access the Runner Design, Cooling Channel, and Virtual Mold PropertyManagers to create these features.
  • You can assign the Order in which the cavities are injected for two-shot overmolding or multishot overmolding designs.
  • You can exclude bodies from the analysis.

Before generating the mesh, every part body listed in the Domains node requires a domain assignment. You can exclude bodies that do not participate in the Plastics simulation by selecting Exclude from Analysis.