Material Library Updates

The SOLIDWORKS Plastics material library features new polymer grades provided by material suppliers.

Sixteen polymer grades are added from the Chevron Phillips Chemical and thirteen polymer grades from the RadiciGroup material databases.

Chevron Phillips Chemical RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers
HDPE / Marlex 9005 PA / Radistrong A RV500W 333BK
HDPE / Marlex 9006 PA6 / Radilon S CW300LW 339 E BK
HDPE / Marlex 9012 PA6 / Radilon S RV300W 333 BK
HDPE / Marlex 9018 PA6 / Radilon S RV350W 333BK
HDPE / Marlex 9035 PA610 / Radilon D RV300W 333 BK
HDPE / Marlex 9708 PA610 / Radilon D HSKC 106NT
HDPE / Marlex H525 PA610 / Radilon D RV600RKC 306BK
HDPE / Marlex HHM 4903 PA612 / Radilon DT RV300RKC2 106 NT
HDPE / Marlex HHM 5502BN PA66 / Radilon A CF200 316 BK
HDPE / Marlex HMN 6060UV PA66 / Radilon A RV300W 333BK
HDPE / Marlex HMN TR-938 PA66 / Radilon A RV350W 333 BK
HDPE / Marlex HMN TR-942 PA66 / Radistrong A RV600W 333 BK
DPE / Marlex HXM 50100 PPS / Raditeck P RV400K 1700NT
HDPE / Marlex TRB-432  
LDPE / Marlex 1007  
LDPE / Marlex KN226  

The following obsolete material grades are removed from the database based on the supplier’s recommendation.

Grilamid DAM55 COND
Grilamid DAM55 LX COND
Grilamid DAM55 LY COND
Grilamid TR XE 3657
Grilamid TR70
Grilamid XE3050 GRAU
Grilamid XE3732
Grilamid TR70 LX
Grilamid ELY 20 NZ
Grilon A28DZ
Grilon A28GM
Grilon A28NZ
Grilon A28V0