Adding or Editing Data Associated with a Path

To add or edit cable/wire data associated with a path:

Click Edit Wires Tool_EditWires_Electrical.gif (Electrical toolbar) or Tools > Routing > Electrical > Edit Wires.
The Edit Wires PropertyManager appears.
  • If you have previously added wire data, either manually or with a from-to list, it appears in Wire From-To List.
  • If you have not previously added wire data, Wire From-To List is blank.
The icons and color of the text in Wire From-To List indicates the status of the cables, cores, or wires:
Text color Status
PM_EditWires_path_undefined.gif Magenta The path for the wire is not defined.
PM_EditWires_path_defined.gif Black The path for the wire is defined.
PM_EditWires_path_undefined.gif Red The path for the wire contains an error. To display the error message, select the wire name, then click Whats Wrong?. PM_EditWires_WhatsWrong.gif