Assembly Fittings

Assembly fittings are route fittings made up of several components. Like other types of fittings, they are available from the Design Library and can be added to routes when needed.

However, you cannot create assembly fittings using the Routing Component Wizard. Instead of having connection and route points, assembly fittings use Assembly Connection Points (ACP) and Assembly Route Points (ARP).

You create assembly fittings the same way as you create other types of assemblies, either by creating a new assembly file and combining components, or by editing an existing assembly from the Design Library.

After the assembly fitting is created, you must add one more assembly connection points and one assembly route points.
You cannot start a route from an assembly fitting, that is made up of components in a subassembly and is a child of another subassembly, even if the fitting has ACPoints and ARPoints defined.