List Fatigue Results PropertyManager

To access this PropertyManager, after you run a Fatigue study, right-click Results and select List Fatigue Results.

Life Lists the number of cycles required to cause failure at each node. Available only when the fatigue study is defined with one event.
Damage Lists the cumulative damage factor at each node.
Factor of Safety Lists the load factor of safety at each node.
Biaxiality indicator Lists the ratio of the smaller alternating principal stress (ignoring the alternating principal stress nearest to zero) to the larger alternating principal stress.

Advanced Options

Plane, Axis or Coordinate System Select a reference plane, an axis, or a coordinate system to list stress. Used for directional components only.
Extremes Select this option to search for extreme values.
Criterion Sets the criterion for extreme values of results. Available list options are:
  • Absolute Max
  • Algebraic Max
  • Algebraic Min
  Sort by value Activates the sorting of the list.
  List all values within Sets the range of values to be listed. The default is to list values within 5% tolerance of the extreme value.
Range Check this box to specify the desired range of nodes to be searched. Use this option to list values sequentially with node numbers. Enter the lowest and the highest node numbers.