List Remote Load Interface Force

You can list the actual forces applied to the selected entities as a result of transferring a remote load for static studies. The software lists the SumX, SumY, Sum Z, and the resultant force associated with the selected faces.

To access this PropertyManager, run a study with applied remote loads. Right-click Results and select List Result Force or click Simulation > Result Tools > Remote Load Interface Force.


Plane, Axis or Coordinate System Select to list the results relative to the selected entity.
Units Sets the output units.
Faces, Edges or Vertices Lists the selected entities.
part.png Button Components Lists the selected components
  Update Updates the results based on the current selected entities.

Remote Load Interface Force

Lists the remote load interface forces of the selected entities and the entire model.

Display Options

Display resultant forces Select to convert the three force vectors (X-, Y- and Z- components) to a resultant force vector. Only the resultant force vector is displayed.